H MacDonald-Archer draws on almost 40 years experience as an editor, reporter and feature writer. 

 As a journalist, she worked on a number of Thomson Newspapers, The Ottawa Journal and Canadian Press before landing at the Toronto Star for 29 years. She worked on various desks in the newsroom, but her favorite was as a sub editor on the City Desk, where the coverage of a number of murder cases solidified her interest in the genre. She is a member of the Toronto and International chapters of Sisters in Crime. Two short stories were published in 'Nefarious North' in August, 2013 and 'She-Bang2', scheduled for publication in November, 2014 will include a story called "Contents Known."

H MacDonald-Archer

Author, Blogger:

Nefarious North - crime anthology, August, 2013

The Whole She-Bang 2 - crime anthology, November, 2014